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The Agency "Resume-center"

With years of experience, a wide network of contacts and modern understanding of business processes in various branches of the Ural industry and economy, our recruitment Agency is in step with the times. Mutual understanding with partners and customers, long term business relationships and contracts to justify the choice of our recruitment Agency as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the segment search and selection of personnel.

Specialization of our Agency, established in 2007, is determined by the market demand at the current stage of its development.

quickly and Flexibly reacting to changing trends and fluctuations in the economic situation, taking into account the current needs of our customers, we carry out the selection of CEOs and independent units, selection of the ete (engineering-technical workers), selection of specialists for work in the areas of sales, construction, manufacturing, energy, administration, etc..

"CV-center" enters the top recruitment agencies in Yekaterinburg, specializing in the recruitment of professionals of particular specialties.

the Main purpose of our Agency recruitment - to attract in Your company more efficient staff, able to perform the tasks, maybe even for less money. Different from competitors because they are discussing the terms of cooperation, promptly begin Your project and bring it to its logical conclusion.


  • Top management
  • middle Managers
  • ITR(Engineering and technical personnel)
  • Representatives of working specialties for the needs of the Ural industrial production
  • Representatives of narrow specializations

Have the service policy of the company. We offer not only services in search and selection of personnel, but also additional services for motivation, training for Your staff. Cooperating with us, You get the maximum benefit for Your business and convenience in cooperation with our service, interacting with provided You personal consultant.


  • Search and recruitment urgently
  • Subscription service
  • Mediation in negotiations with already employed You are interested in a candidate

We understand how difficult it is today to decide on a sensible performer and to choose a reliable recruitment Agency for long-term cooperation in the field of recruitment and therefore, I advise to pay attention to:

  • its Own database Agency staff in stock
  • user-friendly website of the company
  • Successful experience in closing subspecialties
  • Confirmed cases feedback about the results
  • Guarantee free replacement and a flexible pricing policy

Most companies are faced with the implementation of self-recruitment, and as a consequence, the lack of competent professionals to conduct their business processes. In our recruitment Agency clients come for qualified help and professional support in the search and recruitment of new employees not only in the Ural Federal district, Russia

we often seek large Federal Russian and foreign companies with requests to find skilled staff at short notice to work in different regions of Russia. Projects have been implemented on search and all branch managers to work in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Khanty-Mansiysk etc.


  • Has its own database of 8 000 specialists including rare subspecialties.
  • For a long time maintained its business contacts with the best specialists, regardless of whether they are looking for work or already employed.
  • Uses a special technology of search and selection of personnel, the highlight of which is the individual approach to each client.
  • Provides quality service and reliable warranty
  • Establishes mandatory feedback
  • Rigorously complies with the terms and agreements

The Agency "Resume-center" – it's modern solutions in the field of recruitment. Is a reliable support for Your company!
It solutions for Your company!


Reference clients

We Express our deep appreciation to the staff of the Agency Summary-center for the hard, consistent work for the selection of candidates "Service engineer". Done a Titanic multistep job, hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation. Wish You success in your challenging and interesting business!

HR Liebherr Russland Ekaterinburg

Thank you for the sensible selection of sales managers, appreciate it for Your flexible pricing, prompt and quality work!

Perm Ledel

Good day! Thank you for promptly closed jobs "Manager to work with tenants" and "Driver for the General Director". Prosperity to Your business and satisfied customers.

HR SK "Resource", Ekaterinburg

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Chief engineer
50 000
Rental Manager
30 000
Head of sales Department
45 000
Driver for CEO
35 000
Logistics Manager
40 000